- An absolutely unique concept -

perfect alignment no visible screw no flaw

- A 100 % magical deck -

Here are the three steps



The first step in your project is to select the flooring material. A choice of three types of flooring is available: heat-treated pine, heat-treated ash or composite.
These three grooved flooring boards are specially designed to be clipped onto the IN rails. With their perfect alignment and absence of visible screws, your deck will look great, for a very long time!

Clip on

Nothing is simpler than clipping a deck with i-CLIPS. The floor is fixed on IN aluminium rails, in virtually no time. Just place the boards on any stable and flat surface, and you’re done. For even more flexibility, the boards and rails can be sawn very easily to adapt to the dimensions you need for your deck. Whatever your preference - heat-treated pine, heat-treated ash or composite - the boards can be fixed intuitively on the IN aluminium rails. The last step of assembly consists in covering the edges with the TOUR plates for a perfect finish.

You can dismantle your deck

Rest assured that we have thought of every situation. If something falls under your floor, or you want to change a board or if you want to remove the flooring, dismantling your deck is child’s play. Use the steel KEYS, which make it so easy.


Do you need to raise your deck? Not a problem! Just screw your IN rails on the ON sleepers. These are clipped in very little time onto the height-adjustable ON stands, to which you can add boosters to raise the deck by up to 273 mm.

Our new book
contain all explanations !

Discover all the technical information you need in the book, with a description of each material and of each part that is used by the clip-on decking concept.